Our Facility

About the French Woods Facilities
French Woods leads our industry in state of the art facilities.

Five theaters and two fully equipped scene shops plus a huge costume and prop warehouse give our theater program a depth and breadth no other camp can match.

Our 12,000 sq foot covered circus pavilion rivals the training facilities of many professional circuses.

Our horseback riding stables even allow for indoor riding lessons in case of rain.

We have 11 tennis courts, 5 lit for night play, 4 outdoor and two indoor basketball courts, baseball, soccer and lacrosse fields and a golf course across the street.

Our lake and heated Olympic sized swimming pool support our swimming and waterfront programs.

We have a large skate park with half-pipes, ramps, slides and jumps.

Our music building is a large two story air-conditioned structure with small rooms for practice and lessons and large rooms for symphony, orchestra and concert band rehearsals and performances.

The Rock and Roll program features 5 rehearsal studios, each outfitted with drum kits, guitar and bass amps and keyboards, plus a professional quality 24 track recording studio.

Our Magic department has its own specially constructed theater, allowing budding magicians to practice large-scale stage magic, as well as sleight of hand and close-up illusions.

Our Dining Hall is air-conditioned, and has backup power generation.

In a similar fashion, each of our programs is supported by the finest equipment and great spaces for you to learn and grow in.



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