Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people live in each bunk?
Each cabin houses nine to ten campers with two to three counselors. The cabins are equipped with modern conveniences such as full bath facilities including hot and cold running water, ample electrical outlets and abundant storage space for clothing.
2. When do the campers pick their activities?
The three major activities are chosen with the help of our program director at the beginning of each three week session. The three minors are chosen at breakfast each morning and may vary from day to day.
3. Do campers ever get turned away from an activity they choose?
Never. A full time program director spends the day working with each child's schedule.
4. How many people are in each activity?
Sometimes a child chooses a private lesson which is one on one with an instructor. Some major musicals may have over forty in the cast. Most activities have from eight to twelve children.
5. How does the laundry work?
Laundry is picked up once per week and returned the next day. The laundry for each cabin is kept together and the children sort their laundry with the aid of their counselors upon its return.
6. Do you have a doctor in camp?
We have a doctor and six registered nurses on the grounds at all times. Our modern infirmary is staffed twenty-four hours per day.
7. What is your largest age group?
Our children come from all age groups. Give us a call. We'll be happy to provide names and numbers for you to use as a reference.
8. Are campers put into bunks by age or grade?
Campers are usually grouped in cabin by age. Sometimes parents will request a placement by grade. If your child wants to bunk with friends, we almost always are able to work it out.
9. Are there any out of camp trips?
Children leave camp to compete in intercamp games or perform in our traveling troupes.
10. Do campers need extra money?
Canteen items are provided free of charge each day. We ask for a one hundred twenty-five dollar personal expense deposit (P.E.D.) for each camper. The fund is used primarily for emergencies. It is possible to designate this as extra spending money, if the parent desires.
11. Where do campers come from?
Campers at French Woods come from all over the United States and many foreign countries. We have large groups of children from the New York metropolitan area, Philadelphia, Baltimore-Washington, Florida and California, but don't be surprised if you have a bunk mate from London, Paris, Salt Lake City or Singapore.
12. How do I e-mail my child at camp?
Each camper at French Woods is assigned a camp e-mail address which is (For example campers can send and receive email from our computer lab, or from computers that are located on each bunk.
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