Staff FAQ

Where does the staff come from?

Ours staff joins us from every region of the United States as well as many countries around the world. They bring with them skills and experiences which makes French Woods a unique place.

Where is French Woods located?

Eight miles from Hancock, New York. We are thirty-seven miles east of Binghamton, New York (Exit 87 off Route 17) in the Catskill Mountains, a 21/2 hour drive from New York City.

What are the camp dates?

The camp season runs from June though August. Staff must attend a pre camp orientation which begins in June.

How do we get there?

The staff is responsible for making its own way to camp. We have pickups in New York City and Newark airport for several days prior to the orientation period. Hancock is serviced twice daily by public bus.

What is the salary?

Our salaries are competitive and are based on your experience and education. Room and board and laundry are also provided. Counselor salaries start at $1800 for the minimum nine week period for individuals with one year of college education. Salaries increase in accordance with education and level of experience.

Where do we live?

Most program heads and some adult staff live in staff housing. Most staff specialize in an area and work as a bunk counselors. Counselors live in a cabin with two co-counselors and ten or eleven children.

What is a typical day?

At French Woods there is no typical day due to the individualized nature of the program. Each staff member has a unique schedule based upon their skills and abilities. Most staff live and work as counselors in cabins with campers and will work five activity periods (with one period off) in their specialty area. Staff not living with campers will work six periods per day. All staff attend evening activities and meals. Counselors work two nights a week on duty with their cabin throughout the evening, while non-bunk staff are assigned one or two nights evening duty around campus. All staff attend one staff meeting per week.

Is school credit available?

We will be happy to document your work experience at camp for your institution. Your institution is responsible for giving you the actual credit.

What about days off?

Each staff member has two thirty-six hour days off each three-week session.

Are there any required uniforms?

Each staff member will be issued a shirt which is to be worn on several specified days. Other than that dress is casual. We recommend one dress outfit for performances and special events.

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