Kids who think outside the boxWe were recently reviewed in Stephanie Lerner's book "Kids who think outside the box." Here's a bit of what she had to say: "...French Woods offers much more: it offers a new way to behave, play, and learn." -- "Furthermore, the staff is skilled in motivation, problem solving, and just letting kids have fun."

Of course we love camp, but our campers and parents love French Woods even more. Below are some letters we have received from campers and their parents:

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"Dear Ron, I didn't go to camp, so I didn't "get" what it is all about - all I know now is that you perform magic up there. Do you know that you instill caring and commitment and courage in our kids? I Always have felt Blessed to be Marty's Mom - and every September when he comes home from your wonderful camp I am amazed at how he has grown and matured. His friendship with Danny and Alex is, no doubt, a life long bond and very precious to Marty. He calls you and the staff and the whole camp - his family. I am so happy for that - for Marty to have that - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do - for caring for my son."

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